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Strategies for Recruiting and Retaining International Talent: Some Best Practices for Canadian Employers

Canada has long been, and continues to be known for its inclusive and welcoming social climate, making it a fantastic location for businesses to attract and retain exciting international talent. Embracing this international talent can bring new and diverse perspectives, innovative ideas, and specialized skills to your organization, enhancing creativity, problem-solving, and global market understanding. This blog post explores some of the best practices for Canadian employers, focusing on pre- and post-hiring strategies.

Some Pre-Hiring Strategies:

Determine Which Recruitment Pathway works best for your hiring needs

Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot (EMPP): This program combines economic immigration and refugee resettlement to allow skilled refugees to move to Canada and fill labour shortages.

Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA): Employers can apply for an LMIA to show a need to hire foreign workers when there are no Canadians available to do the job. An approved LMIA is a key requirement for obtaining a work permit.

Evaluate Your Recruitment Needs and Abilities

Assess whether your organization is equipped to handle international recruitment internally, or if you will need support from specialized recruitment agencies. Determine the scope of who you need, and potentially identify countries with populations with the types of skills and qualifications you are seeking. Will they have a smooth transition into Canadian society, or will they need, or prefer, more of a “soft landing” helping hand to be able to hit the ground running?

ThriveON Pre-Hiring Support is the Missing Piece

ThriveON helps bring the right support for all pre-hiring needs together in one place. Whether you need assistance with immigration consultants, legal advisors, or specialized recruitment agencies, ThriveON can be brought in to help streamline the process.

Collaborate with our partners to ensure compliance with Canadian immigration laws, to navigate the complexities of the international recruitment process, and to fill your organizations needs as efficiently as possible.

Post-Hiring Strategies

Provide Comprehensive Training and Development: Meeting the Canadian Standard

Offer onboarding programs to help new international employees understand your company’s particular culture, policies, and procedures, as well as providing training that equips them with the necessary skills and knowledge to integrate into their new roles effectively.

Implement mentorship programs to support international employees in their career development and futures within your organization.

Settlement Support Services to increase your retention and new employee satisfaction

Housing Assistance: Work with organizations that help newcomers find suitable and sufficient  housing in a highly competitive market. Provide information on rental or purchase markets, lease agreements, tenant rights and the like.

Spousal Employment Support: Assist the spouses of international employees in finding their own employment opportunities. Offer resources, job search assistance, childcare, education and networking opportunities to help them integrate successfully into Canadian life.

School Enrollment: Provide information and support for enrolling kids in local schools, guidance on education systems, school choices, and enrollment procedures.

Establishing Credit: Help international employees establish financial credit in Canada by providing information on opening bank accounts, applying for credit cards, loans, mortgages and understanding our credit system.

Other individual needs - each client is unique

Create an Inclusive Workplace Culture

Promote diversity and inclusivity within the workplace by implementing anti-discrimination policies and offering diversity training. Ensure all employees feel valued and respected, regardless of their background.

Recognize and celebrate cultural differences by organizing events and activities that promote cultural awareness and appreciation.

ThriveON Settlement Support is the Missing Piece

ThriveON has the resources to ensure your new employee and their families have what they need to get established in Canada and get to work as seamlessly as possible. 

Before you hire and after they land. 


Recruiting and retaining international talent is essential for Canadian employers wanting to remain competitive in today’s global market. By implementing and offering comprehensive settlement strategies pre- and post-hiring, and smoothing out what can be a difficult transition, Canadian businesses can hope to attract the best talent from around the world. Between providing comprehensive settlement support services, and fostering an inclusive workplace, international employees will feel welcomed, valued, and motivated to contribute to their organization’s success.

For more specific information on how to successfully recruit and retain international talent in Canada, contact our team at ThriveON. We specialize in bringing together the right pre- and post-hiring support in the recruitment process, helping businesses to navigate the complexities of international talent acquisition, while helping Newcomers integrate into our Canadian workforce, and life.

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