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Housing Assistance for International Employees Through ThriveON/CAN

Navigating the challenges of relocating to a new country for work can be daunting, particularly when it comes to securing suitable housing. At ThriveON, we recognize this as vitaly important in ensuring a smooth transition for inbound employees. 

ThriveON’s Specialized  Approach to Housing Assistance

At ThriveON, we specialize in easing the housing search for immigrant employees by collaborating closely with a dedicated team of realtors. Our partners are not only experts in regional real estate but also have strong relationships with landlords, and a deep understanding of the unique needs of newcomers.

How ThriveON Facilitates Housing Solutions

1. Specialized Realtor Teams: We work with realtors who are specifically trained to handle the complexities that immigrant employees face in the housing market. This includes navigating legal documentation and understanding cultural nuances that may affect their housing choices.

2. Building Landlord Relationships: Our realtors have established relationships with landlords who are familiar with the challenges faced by immigrants. This rapport facilitates smoother negotiations and helps secure housing arrangements that might otherwise be inaccessible.

3. Customized Housing Assistance: Recognizing that each employee’s situation is unique, we offer tailored support that ranges from finding temporary housing to securing long-term leases, all based on individual needs and preferences.

4. Lead Time Consideration: We like to emphasize  the importance of having adequate lead time before the newcomer arrives in Canada. This advance notice allows us to secure not only housing but also any other needs such as schooling when applicable, ensuring as many arrangements as possible are in place for a stress-free arrival.

5. Ongoing Support and Guidance: Even after a lease is signed, our team remains available to assist with any issues that might arise, ensuring a continuous support system for our immigrant employees.

The Impact of Our Work

The effectiveness of our approach is reflected in the testimonials of both newcomers as well as the employers, who have benefited from our services.. Generally they feel significantly less stressed about their move, knowing that they have a reliable partner in ThriveON. This support not only helps them secure and retain housing, but also aids in their overall adjusting to a new environment, contributing positively to their productivity and job satisfaction.

At ThriveON, we believe that providing robust housing assistance is foundational to supporting our immigrant employees. By removing one of the biggest hurdles in their relocation process, we help pave the way for their success and well-being in their new home in Canada. This, in turn, enhances our organizational culture and strengthens our commitment to a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Are you ready to transform your approach to international hiring and integration? Contact us at [contact information] or reply to this email to schedule a consultation. Together, we can ensure that every international hire feels welcomed, valued, and equipped to “ThriveON” in their new environment.

Looking forward to our partnership,

Jessica Turner


ThriveON Relocation Services  


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