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We help your
employees thrive in

ThriveON gives your company a competitive advantage to attract, settle, and retain new employees for your Ontario-based business.

Recruiting new employees to

Our mission as new immigrant settlement and retention specialists in Ontario is to support companies in creating a welcoming and inclusive environment that promotes the successful integration and long-term retention of immigrant employees and their families. Through customized programs and resources, we assist immigrants in overcoming challenges related to language, culture, and community integration. By fostering a sense of belonging and providing comprehensive support, we aim to enhance job satisfaction, promote personal growth, and empower immigrants to thrive in their professional and personal lives, thereby contributing to the diversity and prosperity of Ontario's workforce and communities.


Protect your investment in

recruiting and training


Get a competitive advantage to

attract the best employees


Create a warm, welcoming culture for new hires

One of the top three reasons employees leave are 'unmet personal goals and dreams'

Third-party recruitment agencies, salary, benefits, moving packages and training costs add up. In fact, the cost of recruiting a new employee to Ontario is well over $100,000 - not including the valuable time lost if that hire leaves the province.


From relocation to fully blending with your Ontario community, our customized program is a comprehensive approach to settlement and retention.

Complete needs analysis and strategy
Local, concierge-level community integration
Full transparency and commitment

Each of our programs is tailored to meet the needs of your company and the individual - especially ‘life outside of work’.

Our team will execute a personalized action plan to introduce the employee and their family into the community.

We want your new employees to thrive and we’re open about their progress. Reports and touch points keep your team in the loop.

Existing Partners
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We help your employees thrive in their new community and work network:

1. Define employee needs & your retention goals

We like to get started on the right path. We’ll meet with your management team,

including HR leads, and the hired individual to initiate the retention strategy.

2. Develop an action plan for retention

Once we have the priorities set, we’ll create a personalized action plan for your new employee, significant others and dependents.

3. Introduce your new hire to the community

At this point, we start making introductions to key members of the community. Depending on the employee’s action plan, this could be educators, sports teams, etc.

4. Execute a customized retention plan

We’re off to the races, executing against the retention plan.

5. Maintain engagement for long-term success

Success for us is long-term. The goal is to ensure their community and network is

solid, ultimately making them less likely to leave their position.

Meet the Team

We're local.
We're connected. We're 24/7.

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Jessica Turner

Stacey Zita Gregory

Many of our clients already have retention teams, but what sets us apart is our commitment to ‘life outside of work’ and our unique field team of local advisors. Our networks are broad, and facilitating connections to new friends, neighbours, service industry people and teachers is what we do best.

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Currently, most retention support is expected by existing employees , added to their already full plates or by HR member tasked with recruitment.


ThriveON is exclusively focused on protecting your investment by investing in your new employees to ensure maximum productivity and support both at work and in their new communities, which results in RETENTION and ECONOMIC GROWTH.

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Hiring is Expensive - Protecting My Investment

A survey of 210 CEOs by Harvard Business School estimates that typical mid-level managers require 6 months to reach their breakeven point. Contact your local retention specialist to understand your company's ROI.

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